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The Trouble With Foxes


11:49 PM
Logfile from Lexine.
Friday April 21

Guan-Ki Kwoon: Rooftop Gardens - Halsted Street: Bridgeport
    Outside and open to the elements, the rooftop has been transformed from a place of tarpaper and crumbling brick ledges to a garden with a Zen flare. Sand, rock, and crushed gravel are placed about the roof. The rocks and sand are worked into meditation gardens, waves of the sand frozen in time as if the rock at their center had been cast there. The gravel forms pathways that meander about, sometimes moving near to potted herb gardens or tiny bonzai trees.

PHONE> You dial Michael's phone.
PHONE> There's a click on the other end, as Michael picks up his phone.
PHONE> You hear Michael hand the phone to someone else.
From your phone, Dahlia says, "Hello?"
Into her phone, Lexine pauses. "Hi. Is Michael there?"
From your phone, Dahlia says, "He is, but he's busy. Got a message?"
Into her phone, Lexine says, "Tell him it's Lex. I want to talk to him, now. Thanks."
PHONE> You hear Dahlia hand the phone to someone else.
From your phone, Michael says, "Hello?"
Into her phone, Lexine say,"'ello. Where the bloody fucken 'ell have you been all night?
Into her phone, Lexine says, "N' why do you sound like shite?"
From your phone, Michael says, "No.. I'm fine, I promise. I'm just kinda worn out? It's been a late night and.. I'll see you in the morning, okay?"

Lexine had invited Nalio to meet her here, for some sort of surprise or another. But those plans? They just may change, from the sound of things on the phone.

Nalio looks over at the Vixen, her eyes have the look of worry and curiosity. "Wha..." she waits and listens to half the conversation.

Into her phone, Lexine rumbles into the phone. "No. You'll see me now. We've talked about this, Michael. Home."

Lexine doesn't look to happy at all, as she paces the roof, messing up the landscaping just a tad.

From your phone, Michael says, "I.. I can't right now, I'm sorry I didn't check in I'm just.. I'm busy. I can't explain it now but.. I promise I will later. O-okay? We're just. I'm helping with something, I mena.. I've been helping with something and.."

Nalio looks a bit scared, she hasn't seen Lex like this before. "Lex? what... her voice is low, not really looking for an answer.

Into her phone, Lexine sounds like she's getting upset, voice raising slightly. "Pet," she growls into the phone. "You. Are. Coming. Home. Where are you? I swear to god, Michael, if you..."

Lexine's clutching her cellphone hard enough that it just might break. She looks to Nalio, eyes circled in amber-gold, catching the light.

From your phone, Michael covers the phone a moment, his conversation mumbled, "Yes Mi.. Ma'am. I just need to see where you can pick me up, okay?" He continues to bargain, covering the phone again, a few more muffled words, before it's placed to the boy's ear again. "Can you pick me up at Jack's garage?"

Nalio is visably frightened now. "What happened? Pet? Lex what's happened to Mike? he ok?" The girls voice is shaking and she is watching the Vixen with worried eyes, heart beatting so fast it hurts.

Into her phone, Lexine says, "We're not far. Be there in less than ten minutes. And luv? Tell whoever you're with not to expect to see you for awhile."
PHONE> You hang up your phone.

Lexine clicks her phone shut, rumbling deep in her throat as she puts it into her pocket. "We're going to get him. He's fine now, but he might not be when I'm done with him. Come one, I'm parked outside." Her accent? It's nearly gone. And her vixen's energy is running high, hot. Ready to break free.

South Side Outlet - Halsted Street: Bridgeport
    Thrown off the side of Halsted Street in a manner which shows the lack of cost procured, the South Side Outlet sits, home to some of the businesses that manage to operate here and shoddy housing that some call 'home.' The concrete has been quickly poured and not properly finished, so that its edges look rough and disjointed, and the building plots haven't even been planted over with sod; instead, the area is covered is loose, dusty dirt. Surprisingly though, the area is fairly clean from garbage, and someone has come along and planted small trees in the ground.
    The sky begins to lighten. It's grey and overcast. A light wind blows from the south.

Lexine drives fast, vroom vroom. Not talking the entire way. She gets out of the car, slams her door and lets herself into the garage.Black Toyota Solara, this year's model. Convertable. Nothing fancy, but kinda pretty.

Nalio jumps out, turns locks her door and runs close to the Vixens heels. "Whats goin on, we gotta smack a bitch?" Shes talking tough though her voice shakes as she has no idea whats going on.

"We may have to skin a fox," she rumbles, voice holding the edge of her beast. "Stay behind me, luv," Lexine says, sliding her keys into her pocket.

Nalio walks close. "Mike? Lex stay calm... he's a kit after all... try not to hurt him too bad, or you might feel bad. Seriously, don't freak... whad he do?" She is near jogging to keep up with the Vixen.

Lexine turns back to look at her, eyes still holding that edge of fox. "He is a kit, yes. And he's -my- kit. Mine to protect and teach and let him know when he's done something wrong." Her beast is on edge, pacing below the skin.

It's late. VERY late. The shop is dark, dark, the door is locked, yet the lights or on. Slowly, Michael makes his way from the back room, skin pale - and he's wearing a t-shirt, several sizes too big, which is obviously stained with blood - mostly in 'lines' where wounds might be, though some has started to absorb, making the 'patterns' bigger, wider, more vicious looking. Oh, and not to mention his pants, which are at the point of tacky. Slowly, Michael reaches to open the door, unlocking it with a 'click', before pulling it open.. head bowed, and shoulders slumped. "Hi."

Jack's Garage - South Side Outlet - Halsted Street
    The garage is what one would expect when it comes to auto repair shops. Lifts, jacks, and loads of dull, slightly rusting tool boxes are arranged around the dirty, oil-stained cement floor. Neat stations are arranged between the car lifts, providing diagnostic equipment hooked up to grubby computer monitors and more. Along the walls, peg boards have been arranged with yet more tools, as well as counters where parts can be worked on independently of the vehicle they reside in.
    Near the back, a variety of hoses and tubes hang from the ceiling, probably used to replace the variety of liquids and fluids that make a car run. Large standing cabinets are securely padlocked, though they more than likely hold more equipment or supplies.

As the door opens, the feel of Lexine's beast is hot, angry. One pissed off Den Mother. Her eyes are hard, circled with the amber-gold of her Vixen, hands in tight fists at her side. The vixen's energy rushes out, an attack instead of a greeting, grabbing the kit by the neck, hard. Pinning him. Not holding back. "Get. In. The. Fucking. Car. Now."

Nalio is frozen in horror for a second, before her hand starts to tap at a hard container in her pocket, shaking she looks at the Vixen. She looks from the boy to the woman and back again, If Lex was gonna skin him, looks like someone made it a bit easier for her. "Mike? what the fuck?" her words are breathy as she follows the two, looking around and sniffing, Wolf?

That attack comes, and Michael yelps - the sound purely canine, as his feet nearly falter beneath him. "Yes Mi.." His words die off, as a sideways glace is offered to Nalio. "It's nothing, don't worry about it." The boy half whispers, slowly making his way out the door. "It's not her fault, I.. She thought I was allowed. Don't be angry at her, okay?" Michael's pleading, as he moves, stiffly. Whatever damage is there? Is obviously enough to hurt.

Another, harder look is given to Michael, more of the fox bleeding into the woman's eyes. "My fucking arse you thought she was allowed. One, that she-bitch should've known better, you're a fucking kit and too young. Just because she fucked off on the pack doesn't mean she doesn't know the rules they and most of the other groups run by. And TWO. You know I don't want you playing, yet. You just couldn't fucking wait, could you?" Her words are more like growls, animalistic. Her beast doesn't let up, the Vixen twisting the scruff of the kit's neck. Hard.

Nalio stops and makes her way to the stairs, her hand reaching /into/ her pocket as the two head to the car... a low growl escapes her throat as she places a foot on the first stair. The smell of a /Bitch/ closer here, with every step the stench grows and the girls nostrils flare, someone hurt her family, /NO ONE/ hurts her family...

"No.. I.." Michael turns, watching Lexine's lips now as she.. talks, not willing to meet the woman's eyes. "I told her I could, and that I was allowed and that.." He pauses then, biting his lip. "It's not her fault, I swear. /I/ lied to her, cause I wanted it. I couldn't wait so.." The boy shrugs lightly. "I made her believe that.. I was allowed to play and.." Michael shrugs, looking towards Nalio. "Don't, just leave her alone. I told her that I wanted to learn control and.. That.." No one else was strong enough?

"Nalio, stop." Lexine may not be alpha, but she is elder. And the alpha's mate. There's command in her words, something that demands to be listened to. "We'll deal with our own first, luv. Then?" She leaves the rest unsaid. Her hand moves, lightning fast, cupping Michael's jaw and giving him no choice but to look at her. "And that what, Michael?" Her voice has gone cold, never a good sign when in a situation like this. "You smell like that bitch," she growls, snarling, a show of teeth, a promise of pain. Real pain. (Michael senses "Lexine's grip is hard, tight. A human's jaw just might crush under it.")

Nalio isn't listening at the moment, her attention focused and the history playing in her head... he was hurt and someone was going to pay... Slowly she makes her way up the stairs... the anger and pain she feels welled up and about to burst, she's glowing, and her footfalls are light, wait... not light, not /there/ A repeat of last night, only anger her fuel this time. She isn't touching the ground and her body is hot, her energy painful. She's shaking as she clings to the sleek box in her pocket, afraid to go on, but her past keep's her moving.

Michael flinches a touch, wanting to pull away. Being /forced/ to move? Only makes things hurt more. It felt so good, a few minutes ago. Funny how things change. "I told her that I wanted to play.. faster, play sooner and that.. Wes doesn't play with guys and.." Michael pauses, trying to lower his head again, though he's too weak, to drained to fight Lexine's iron grip. "That you.. well, I mean.. It'd take a long time for you to help me because.. well, she's really strong, you know? And you said that I'd need someone stronger then you.." That last part comes in barely a whisper.

The anger in Lexine's eyes? It's a hot thing, a cold thing, and a hurt thing, all at once. "We are trying to make ourselves a family, make ourselves safe and you went and fucking did WOT?!?" The last is growled into his face, hers only a breath away from his. Her vixen is on the brink of rage, of giving the kit a harsh lesson...when Lex sees the glow of Nalio. "Fuck," she growls, lifting Michael off of his feet...and then dropping him. One second she's holding him, the next she's not. Her beast leaves in the same moment, abandoning the kit, leaving him to realize just how much he could have messed things up for all of them. Lexine rushes towards Nalio, both in body and energy, taking the steps by twos, wrapping her arms around the girl's waist. "Nalio, no!," she says, trying for firmness again, the vixen wrapping around the girl's fox. Calm, soothing, in the flick of a switch. "Let's get Michael home. Cleaned. Before the fleas set in."

Nalio screams, a high pitched pained sound. "She hurt him, SHE FUCKING HURT HIM!!!" she is fighting now, her body shaking with anger as well as tears, "Never again," she growls the last, her body hot and she shakes continually, she has removed something from the case and though she has the item hidden in her pocket the scent of pure silver is there, where it wasn't before. "Mike fucked up, but you said so, the bitch should know better..." she has squeezed the wrong piece of what ever is in her pocket, a dark stain seeping as she takes Lex up with her, up as in air born, not high but depending on where the woman grabbed neither would be touching ground.

Michael hits the ground with a thud, another canine 'yelp' sounding, as he grabs at his side, breaths short for a moment. "I didn't mean to cause trouble." The boy mumbles, as he tries to make his way to his feet once more, wincing, and weak. Whatever was done? It was quite the number. Though, at Nalio's.. floating? She merits a half curious look, well.. more puzzled. "I just wanted to play rough.." That last part is whispered, as he finally stands once more - using the counter as leverage, arm wrapped about his middle. When in doubt? When there's trouble? Some get angry, some get defensive.. some get protective? And some..? The door opens, as Nalio keeps things.. glowing? Floating? And Michael moves to make his way outside - leaving a bloody hand print on the glass.

"Nalio, Nalio, it's okay luv. We'll work things out lat...Holy shite, we're fucking flying," Lexine rumbles, holding to Nalio tightly. Or she was, atleast, before there's a sudden pain, something going into Lexine's wrist as the pair take to the air. Pure silver. Silver and shifters do -not- go together, children. She lets out a yip of pain, animalistic, instinct making her let go of Nalio. The only thing is, she was floating. Shit. Lexine falls to the stairs, and then down them, making pained sounds as the silver eats at her flesh and she tumbles. Pain. Lots, and lots of pain. And not the kind she likes, at all.

Nalio smells the shift of blood and turns to see Michael make his way out. "Oh no you don't," she growls his safety more important, Lex was right the family would deal with the bitch later. When the woman lets go Nalio looks down and as fast as she can she's at the woman's side. "Lex!" looking over she sniffs Michael's not far. "Mike HELP!" she is trying to calm the vixen, for some odd reason her first instinct is to lick the wound. What the fuck? Lex would feel the pain lessen as Nalio's tongue touches her flesh. "Lex, I'm sorry, I'm /really/ sorry." her voice is shaky as she leans in to lap at the blood. The wound is still there but the pain would be gone. "Michael Hurry... please!." she's whimpering, what did she do?

He's almost out the door, when he hears the thud, and Nalio scream. And, for a moment? He actually has to consider. Does he run? Does he go back? Would they be better off without him there? "What should I do?" The boy questions, limping stiffly to the pair. The scent of silver obvious, and.. bad, even if he's not accustomed to it yet. An instinct? "Mist.." Another fade. "Lex? Are you okay?" The boy whispers, bloody hand brushing at her cheek, petting lightly, before Michael moves to kneel, the motion stiff, and pained - bringing a hand to his side once more.

Curled in on herself, Lexine whimpers at it, whatever hurt her making a hole in her wrist. Something that doesn't heal. Her eyes have gone over to her fox again, those bright things rolling over to Nalio as the girl moves to lick her. She jerks her hand away a second after it's licked, mind telling her that it will hurt. And when it doesn't? she looks confused. Lex's nostrils flare as she looks at the wound, smells her own blood. She hisses softly, moving to sit up. Something definatly bruised on her side, maybe internal. "I'll...I'll be fine," she says softly. "Let's just go home. Please." There's tear stains on her cheeks, another hissed breath as she rises to her feet. "It's okay, Nalio. Let's just...go home." She holds her still bleeding wrist once she digs the keys out of her pocket, moving towards the car.

Nalio nods and helps Mike up if he'll let her, and doesn't think she's a complete freak, though she smells the blood and looks at Lex, then Mike. "In the car and off with your shirt bro." there's a touch of seriousness as she figures out one thing she might be able to do. Looking at Lex as she helps Mike into the back seat she takes the seat next to him expectantly. "Lex... I think I know a bit more about myself now." she looks at Mike and an evil grin spreads..."Mist...tress? Dude, it's rude not to call her by her proper title, so go for it...I've heard worse... I ain't deaf or stupid so..." she smiles at Lex, a weak thing but there none the less. "Mom can I?" she's asking permission, so unlike herself.

He allows the help, if Nalio moves slow enough that is - as the use of muscles makes the boy jerk about, whine a little. "No, that's okay I'd.. rather leave it on." He notes, watching Lex as she stands. "I'm sorry." He notes, voice quiet. And, as they get outside? It takes Michael a moment or two to actually get situated - settling for leaning to the side, bloodied end up. From the pattern? Whatever caused the wound, did it right between his ribs. And, as Nalio says 'the word'? The boy blushes. Well, as much as he can. Shifter or not, he lost a /lot/ of blood. "..If I'm still allowed.." He notes, eyes rolling shut, and brows furrowing. From his energy? From the uncontrolled electricity in the air? It's obvious that he's hurt. Yet, he doesn't complain, doesn't say a word.

Settling into the driver's seat with a low groan, Lexine looks at the kits from the rear view mirror. The frown's still on her lips, though a smile does almost make an appearance as she's called Mom by Nalio. "Michael, take off your shirt...Pet." See, she still cares, loves the boy, in her own way. "You're bleeding all o'er my new car." It's said almost teasingly, as she starts the car up. Her eyes close a moment, as she looks down at her wrist. Shoulder, arm, ass, and now this. Kits.

Nalio grins, and as Michael is ordered to take off his shirt she waits, watching him. "What the hell dude? This is fucked up what were you thinking?" she doesn't sound angry, hurt almost, the pain obvious in her eyes as she looks Mike over, this all /before/ she sees what's under the shirt. "We're your family you know? I mean i get the feeling that words pretty fuckin foreign with you... me to, but..." she trails off, not wanting her emotions to get to strong, or else she might get the car to float, wouldn't that be a sight?

Michael at the command? Michael frowns, before offering Nalio a glance. "Yes.." He looks back towards the front. "Mistress." He sighs, a big breath taken in.. stages. "I just.. I don't know." How does he answer something like that? "I just.. I wanted too." Does that help? Slowly, Michael lifts, the bloody t-shirt peeled away to.. reveal the extent of the damage. Over his heart? There's a 'D' carved. The wound red, and swollen yet.. that's perhaps the most insignificant of them. Almost like someone tested just how deep they could cut across the boy's chest, leaving it a hashed mess - coated in blood, and textured from the t-shirt. Wounds so deep, that they're still bleeding, seeping. The worst? Is just beneath Michael's pectoral muscle. A puncture, that still drips lightly, even now. Deep enough it seems, not to puncture his lung, but from the looks of it? Not by much. Again, Michael leans on the door, his eyes half lidding again. "It's better then what I wanted originally.."

Seeing that 'D' carved in Michael's chest? It...enrages Lexine. She turns around in the front seat, her own wound forgotten. "You do not belong to that...wolf," she growls, looking into the boy's eyes. "Remember, Pet, that for now? You're mine. I don't care if she took it easy on you. She. Will. Not. Do. This. Again. Am I clear? Or am I not good enough for you?" There it is. The hurt, though she tries to hide it in her eyes. The fear that she's not good enough for him, for Nalio, for Wes. Not stong enough to get done what needs to be done. Using the pocketknife she often carries, the woman slices open her left palm, presses it against the D, concentrating. Her beast moves out in that, warm energy willing the wound gone...and doing so. "You get the rest, Nalio," she says softly, turning back around. Licking her own palm clean, she puts the knife on the front seat, leaving it there. Blood, tears, and disappointment claim her scent as Lex drives them home.

Nalio looks at the boy her eyes wide. "Holy fuck... shit." she speaks low and grins at the boy warmly. "Pains one hell of a thrill ride ain't it? the rush of adrenalin... /knowing/ you'll heal now... fucking addictive huh?" She waits for Lex to finish than with a nod She leans in to lick at the worst of the wounds, the sensation would be something like Icy hot being applied, the pleasurable cool, with the painful hot going away. As she goes over the wounds they ease, the longer she licks the better it feels, than they begin to close, not fully but the bleeding stops. "I know my share of addictions, it's what got me here... /My/ drug..." she shakes her head as a disgusted grin creeps to her lips. "You want to be hurt, beaten? abused?" She looks at him, than lowers to stick her tongue in the hole, worst of all wounds, pain, than soothing. She finishes with the wounds no more than bright red welts. "Let your Mistress do it, Wes may not be into guys but i'm sure he cares for you enough to supervise..." She has that hurt tone in her voice, matching Lex to a tee. ""your the closest thing to a family i've had since... Fuck." she shakes her head and looks at Mike, her eyes boring in to his as a smile touches her lips. "My brother was murdered doing stupid shit for his addiction, My father was killed in the line of duty and my Mom fucking killed herself, so you know what? your the /only/ family I have." She looks away and slumps in the seat, looking at Lex and sighing. "Mom? I don't feel so..." at that she's out.

It's the hurt in Lexine's voice, that finally breaks the 'calm', that Michael's at least tried to exhibit. "No Mistress I.." And as she turns quickly? The boy flinches a quick moment, until Lexine presses her hand, her palm against the wound, 'erasing' the D. "I don't think you're weak I just.." She's upset.. which brings Michael's energy to a crackle, fox just beneath the surface, bleeding into the boy's eyes. Though, as Nalio begins to.. lick? At first? Michael yelps, another canine sound.. before he settles into looking.. awkward, his arm moving to lay across the back of the seat. She talks, and he just.. sits there, quiet once more, amber eyes lidding once more, as he rumbles, licking bringing a shivers at first - with a mix of.. reactions. But, as her tongue probes the deepest of the wounds? Michael yelps, whines.. whimpers, then relaxes, panting.. trying to.. calm down? When Nalio passes out? Michael catches her, wrapping an arm about the girl's shoulders. "Mistress?" He questions, looking towards Lexine once more.

As she drives, Lexine listens to Nalio's story, looking at her from the rear view mirror every so often. "All o' us 'ave known addiction," Lexine admits before the girl passes out. "Part o' being a fox, I guess. Must be a personality trait o' something." Hey, atleast her accent's back! While Michael talked, gave unfinished sentences, she just shook her head silently. Hurt, still. Defeated, perhaps, just a little bit. Or alot. It's hard to tell, when her face can't be seen. They're almost in the parking lot when Nalio passes out, and Lexine pulls in to her usual spot, shutting the car off before answering Michael. "She'll be fine. Poor thing's worn out from the 'ealing, I'm sure. Jus' like Wes an' I get..." She opens her door, and then Nalio's, scooping her into her arms, leaning over the back seat. "Yes?," she asks him, so very close, that hurt rolling off of her like waves, still mixed with that fear. Carefully, she takes Nalio out of the car, cradling and kissing the girl's forehead, using the back entrance into the club, not waiting for Michael or his answer. Hurt, and still mad.

Nalio whimpers as she's lifted, her body seeming so frail as she moans at odd times. "dont go.. I cant..." she isn't making much sense and her eyes are welling with tears, her body almost unbearably hot. "Please, no..." she sounds sad and lost, her body shaking slightly as /every/ step seems to pain her. "come home..." with that she's silent once more. Is she speaking to Michael? maybe...

That close, Michael can't look into Lexine's eyes as he releases Nalio, so the woman can pick her up. Of course, as Lexine walks off? Michael does follow, scratching at the bend of his arm. A nervous habit it seems. "I'm sorry..." He finally speaks up, though barely, his beast so close to the surface, watching through golden eyes as the trio move. Already, he's walking better, looking better. And when they move into the room? When the door is closed? Michael drops to his knees.

1001 Nights: Backstage -- Lexine's Room -- Clarke Street: South
Decor keeping with theme, Lexine's private room is decorated in a fashion that calls to mind the harems of desert sultans. The walls are painted a pale, creamy gold, niches within the walls holding pillar candles. The carpeting is thick, alternating designs of gold, crimson and ivory with a scattering of navy. Against the center of the back wall is a queen-sized canopy bed, curtains of transparent cream pulled back to reveal the navy bedspread, a mountain of pillows of various colors and shapes. Two dressers are also in the room, along with a free-standing full length mirror. By the door is an antique make-up vanity, metal cases full of makeup and hair supplies on it. There are some touches that make the room undeniably Lexine's, however. A black electric guitar, amp, and small red drumset in one corner, pictures of family and friends on her nightstand.

Lexine's nose nuzzles against Nalio's ear, and she whispers soothing little things into the girl's hair. Calming her, as best Lex can. Once in the room, she lowers her into the bed's center, another kiss given to her forehead. "Good job, luv," she whispers, before moving over to Michael. She looks down at him, and even after the apology, the look in her eyes hasn't changed. And she thought she'd gotten used to being hurt by family. But them? The one she -chose-? She offers her hand to the boy, the unwounded palm. "I..." she just shakes her head, words failing her.

Nalio cries softly, the fever bad and the sweat beading on her brow. She moans now and than and she's fighting to open her eyes, losing and slipping in and out for a bit. "Momma..." the girls voice is low, sad and strained.

She holds out her hand, and Michel rises a little, to nuzzle at Lexine's palm.. afraid? His energy spreads, seeks - searches for the woman's own. "I'll do anything, just please.." Michael's voice wavers. What does he have to do? "I said I'm sorry I.. I wasn't thinking. She's.. she was just she's harder, there's no. Affection? She's impartial so ... it's different? I don't think you're not good enough Mistress, I promise. I love you, all of you I just." Michael falls silent, as Nalio whimpers - before looking back to Lexine. "..I didn't know how to ask."

It takes a moment, but Lexine's hand cups the boy's face, fingers stoking over it. Her vixen rises again, swirling around her kit. Cheeks rub, and the metaphysical fox marks his, working to cover up that scent of wolf. Reclaim him. Hers. Theirs. Skulk, not Lukoi. "Just ask, Pet. I know what it's like to want it 'ard, remember?" She leans down, wincing and taking in a sharp breath as she kisses his hair. Ribs bruised, from that fall from grace. "Take a shower, luv. Then come to bed. But next time? You'll be sleeping on the floor. I don't want to get fleas from...her. Tommorow? Call 'er. And tell 'er about your lies. I can't 'ave people think we're weak, not with wot's 'appening in the groups right now." She moves away then, shedding boots and climbing onto the bed, curling behind Nalio, protective. "Shh," she whispers, before using a nail to reopen that wound in her palm. She presses it to a bit of Nalio's skin, that rush of warm, caring Vixen coming with it. Healing. Taking away some of the pain, all that she can. Oh yes, she'll sleep well tonight.

Nalio whimpers and falls silent, eyes open enough to see Michael before he goes. "Mikey... you mad at us?" she sounds hurt before she falls asleep, her dreams consist of watching the boy walk away, which one she's not sure... so much alike.

The vixen is felt, and sought out by Michael's own energy - as if wanting to remove the scent of Dahlia himself. Though, as Lexine begins to talk to him? He brightens a touch. "Yes Mistress." The boy stands slowly, still a bit sore.. as he makes begins to make his way towards the bathroom. But, at Nalio's words? He frowns, shaking his head. "No I'm.." Not. With that, he turns, to wash the scent of wolf from his skin - bloodied pants left just outside the door. Something tells him that they'll never be the same.

Slowly, Lexine had been building a collection of extra clothing. For Michael, for Nalio. Family. Wes? He'd just have to go starkers. Her eyes follow as Michael moves to the bathroom, and the tired Vixen wraps one arm around Nalio, once the healing is done. The wound is licked clean first, of course. Grey hair count? Seven. Cuddling, nuzzling, she takes in a deep breath, letting it out in a sigh. What was she going to do with them, her kits?

He's in the shower for a while, before he returns. Tonight? He comes out of the shower bare. It's been a long, and emotional night and.. if Nalio can't deal with it in the morning? Then tough! Where Lexine curls on one side, Michael curls against the other, snuggling close. The girl snuggled between two potent heat sources - an arm wrapping about her waist, to reach for Lexine at the same time.

Nalio sigs, a happy sound as she nuzzles her head against the boys chest, holding him in return, her back being thoroughly snuggled by Lexine. "Love you." in a sleepy state she kisses Michael, it's the fever, promise. "you too momma..." she yawns and drifts off, the center of an utoh oreo..

If Lexine had the energy, she might loose some clothing herself. But now? She can barely manage to lift her arm to rest it on Michael's hip. It's the silver wounded one, still trying to heal. She makes a soft sound from behind Nalio, kissing the back of the girls head, smiling in her half sleep. "Love you both," she whispers. "With all my 'eart." Then she's gone too, body just unable to keep going, even as her mind tries to figure it out. Make that eight greys.


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