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Visitors that bring lectures...

Logfile from Ivanya.

It's Tuesday, September fifth 2006

Underground: Room - Lake Shore Drive: North
    This room has been outfitted as a small squallid yet servicable little apartment. There is a bed that is not terribly comfortable, with a simple hospital-style metal frame made out of heavy iron, and is strangely bolted to the floor. A desk, a table and a small mini-fridge also sit in the room, along with a TV with assumably cable access, though the reception must be terrible. A door is acessed through a secret panel in the wall that leads to a bathroom with shower and sink. A dresser holds sundry needs, while a couple grommmets in the wall hold brackets for heavy chains. The door, of course, is locked. The floor is cement, with a generally terrible threadbare oriental rug. A vase of bright cheery sunflowers rests on the table.
Obvious exits:
Underground Room <UR>  <O> Out

When the coffin opens Rolf has a chair sitting within a few feet of it. His coat is folded neatly over the back, and he has his custumary one leg over the other, his hands arranged just so and a placid look on his face. "Miss Kozlova," he says in his normally quiet whisper.

Gretchen stands by the door. She is as pale and expressionless as usual, like a shroud of sad were draped over her. Her dress is as usual, and her hands are behind her back, leaning against the door. She will be a silent observer here.

It takes a moment for Ivanya to adjust to the light in the room, for her voice to be found. "Mr. Wagner, Sir," she says with a small bow of her head. She turns so she can better see him with that one brillantly blue eye, and then Gretchen. "Ms. Petrie." A bit surprised at the appearance of company.

"No doubt you are unsettled. Please, seat yourself. I had hoped we would not have to have this conversation but," his hand waves. "Here we are nonetheless. Tell me how you feel." he says in his soft murmur.

Ivanya lifts a hand up to her hair, and then where her left eye once was, the lid remaining closed. She steps out of the coffin, taking a seat and swallowing. "I had hoped not as well, Sir." Her voice is soft, something just above a whisper. "Enraged," she replies simply, honestly, of his question. The emotion flickering in her eye. "Pained." Her power, atleast, is held in tight. Her legs cross, hands folding atop a knee.

"Pained and enraged I can understand. But why? Why are you so angry?" he asks as he settles back in his seat after perhaps a minute or two of complete silence. One hand rises, plucking some invisible lint from his slacks. "And who are you enraged at, to ask further?"

There's another moment of silence, of stillness, from Ivanya after Rolf's questions end. Her lips move, finding something that atleast feels to be a neutral expression. "I am angry, Sir, because they took my eye. My hair. Because of words said of those I love. Because one I care for is likely being hunted, and stuck in a box, there is little I can do for him." She swallows, schooling her expression to emptiness. "At both Koray and myself."

"So, I asked you this before. And clearly, you made your own decisions. But," he plucks his hand at his chest, and adjusts his lapels just so. "What is your plan? You have been punished. That much is clear. What is your plan? Do you seek retribution? Will you allow those that care for you to seek vengeance?"

Ivanya inclines her head slightly, taking her gaze away from Rolf as well as Gretchen, giving it to the floor instead. "I had given thought to your advice, Sir, but in the end I could not abandon a friend. I have some time to think of a plan, likely, and intend to use it. I will not do something in haste. As I said before, I am nothing strong enough to defeat Koray, no matter how angry I am. And I will caution those that would desire vengeance of the same. I will not ask a friend to die for me."

Gretchen exchanges a look with Rolf and goes back to remaining still.

Rolf dips his head. "I must be very clear. You have made a mistake. You have defied the Master of the City in a very clear, very blunt fashion. He told you not to contact this man, and you did - and warned him. You have many around you - lovers, friends. They will want vengeance. They will want justice. But know this, Miss Kozlova." He waves his hand at the coffin. "You still are alive. Were your master not to be fond of you, you would be dead. Any other master I am aware of would have killed you on sight. You must let go of your rage and vow that those around you - including you - will not seek to continue to fight - or else .. you will die." He pauses. "Think of your words. You just told me - ME - that you still desire revenge, but will not because you are not powerful enough. You say this in front of his second," he says, waving his hand at Gretchen. "I did not train a fool, Miss Kozlova. You are acting foolish. Let go of your vanity and accept your fate. Your life is in his hands, and you are being given a rare - very rare - opportunity to make amends. Will you take it?"

Ivanya raises her eye to Rolf as he speaks, and there's a measure of respect in them, seen throughout the empty cold of it. "Honesty and loyalty are faults, perhaps, but they are mine, Mr. Wagner. I did not say that I desire revenge, only that I intend to take this time to plan. To work out my thoughts and what I intend to do now. This city will hold little joy for me, once I am released. I cannot say that Koray and I will make up and be friends. That is a friendship that has been dying a slow, painful death. But I will tell those that would avenge my punishment not to. I do not desire death, Mr. Wagner. With life there is always hope and chance. I am not so much a fool to not realize that."

Rolf dips his head in a nod. "Very well. If you choose to fight him - or ignore his orders - understand that not only do you endanger yourself, you endanger all those around you. Make no mistake - you have made a grave error already, but it is my hope that you learn from this. Forget your plans, forget your ideas. Either you live in the city with the master that holds sway over that city - and you do as he bids - or you leave, or you die. Those are your three options," he says as he rises to his feet.

As Rolf stands, so does Ivanya. Her eye closes as she gives him a small bow, takes a step back away from him. "Thank you, Mr. Wagner, for the council once again, the voice of reason." There is a small, faint pull to her lips that quickly disappears. "Ms. Petrie," she says with another small bow, moving back towards her coffin.

Rolf dips his head. "Thank you. I am hopeful this will turn out well for you," he says before he makes his way towards the door, snagging his coat and sliding it on in a smooth and seamless gesture.


Soft paddings and smooth cloth swath one in this closed environment. Only muted sounds are able to pass through the wood and the lining, allowing the occupant a chance at eternal peace.

You climb into the coffin.



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