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One Last Hope To Cling To.

Wed May 31 2006

<NIGHT> Seventh House Cafe: Indoors - Grand Street: East

      This long hallway is lined with a half-dozen tables along one wall, opposite the window into the kitchen. A line of old fashioned track lighting runs down the center of the ceiling, casting indirect lighting onto the cement floor under foot. The walls are papered with play bills for musicals such as 'Fantasticks', 'Fiddler on the Roof', 'Darling of the Day', 'Hair', 'Godspell', 'Grease', 'The Wiz', 'A Little Night Music', 'Chicago', and 'Cabaret'. At the far end of the hallway away from the patio, a sturdy metal door is marked "Stairs Down -- Managers Only".

Later in the evening, well after the setting of the sun, the rain accompanied by rolling thunder, and lightening that lights up the night sky. Few people braving the weather finds the cafe near empty. The lightening flickering through the windows, outlining Breena as she makes her way through the front door. She didn't bother with a raincoat is rather obvious as she shakes her head a little, pushing the wet curls of her hair back from her face making it appear almost slicked back on purpose. A bit of a shiver moves through her as she begins to make her way toward the counter, not bothering to even look at the menu..she obviously came for a specific reason or intent in mind. Heels sounding on the flooring with her graceful steps that carry her across the room before she inquires softly, "Chai please?"

The girl behind the counter takes the order with a smile, curly brown hair bouncing slightly as she makes the drink, and gives it to the wet woman. Alone, in a corner, is Ivanya. She watches with a cool, observant gaze over those few within the cafe. Breena catches her attention, of course, a face remembered from some time ago. Her lips pull into a small smile, and she gives a faint nod of her head. Delicate fingers wrap around a steaming mug, enjoying the warmth it gives on such a bitter night.

Breena accepts the drink after putting a few slightly soggy bills onto the counter. She apparently was out walking in the rain given the amount of wetness that appears to have soaked into her attire. Heels once more sounding on the floor softly as she turns to locate a seat. A slight smile working its way over her features seeing Ivanya. Walking over toward the other woman she waits till she is within comfortable speaking distance before inquiring softly, "Mind if I join you?"

"Please, do," Ivanya says, that thick Russian accent playing in her voice. She gently guides a chair out with the tip of her foot, offering it with a small gesture and a smile. "If you'd like, as well, I am sure that we have some clean towels in the back. You can dry off, a small bit. Get warmer." Her fingers tap along her mug, before she sets it down sofly infront of her.

Breena moves to accept the chair offered, setting her mug down onto the table. Slipping off her jacket she shakes her head a little, "Thanks..I'll be fine. The Chai should do wonders to warm me." she offers gently, "Kind of you to offer though. Much appreciated." slipping down into the seat she makes herself comfortable before reaching to breath in the spicy aroma of the tea then taking a slow sip, "MM..very few places in the city can make it so good. Most either don't have it at all..or use that instant stuff." she comments setting the mug back onto the table.

Ivanya inclines her head smally, a little glimmer lighting in her eyes. "Thank you. I'm glad that the beverages here are pleasing to you. I had never been a fan of the instant stuff, myself." When she could drink it, of course. She looks over Breena curiously for a moment, takig the other woman in slowly. The waitress behind the counter bustles around quietly, busy work as the patrons this night are so few. Ivanya looks outside for a moment, eyes caught by the lightning. "Not many brave this sort of weather, not tonight."

Breena nods her head a bit reaching up she ruffles the waves of her hair back from her face, the waves turning more into spiral curls that drape down about her shoulders when wet. Glancing outside she smiles a little, "I fear some prefer either moonlit nights...moments of snowfall..gorgeous spring days and evenings. I however, enjoy all sorts of weather. What better way to enjoy it then being out amidst it. There is something truely powerful..and alluring about a stormy night..electricity of the lighting in the air." she shrugs a little, "Intoxicating."

Ivanya smiles smally, nodding. "There's a certain magic in storms like this. I have always loved storms, the feel of electric air dancing across my skin." She rubs her hands along her arms, as if she can feel that charge in the air now, and it thrills her. "Snow, I enjoy. But this?," she says, gesturing to the storm that is growing outside. "This makes me feel almost alive again." There's a brighter smile at that, something that nearly shows fang.

Breena nods her head a bit, "Up in the clouds..you can see the lighting jumping from cloud to cloud...its very different then watching it from below." lifting her cup she takes another sip, feeling the warmth spreading over her.

"That must be amazing," Ivanya breathes, seeking to meet Breena's eyes. The pair are sitting off in a corner, each of them with a mug as they converse. "I have never had the pleasure of flight, when there was a storm in the skies. Or if I have, I was not awake to see it." Her legs cross, and she reaches to tug down the hem of her skirt.

Breena doesn't meet Ivanya's gaze as she watches out at the lightening flickering across the sky. Drawing in a slow breath she nods her head a little, "Its best on night flights. Once you've managed to climb above it of course. Still..its a rush to fly in such weather. Especially when you're flying alone." She glances over toward Ivanya offering a bit of a smile before taking another sip of her tea.

The cat didn't drag it in, but Amun certainly looks as such. He leans heavily upon the frame of the patio doors as he stops there, his eyes closing against a moment of pain. Those eyes come back open and look around the cafe, the man still leaning in the door.

Whatever Ivanya intended to reply with is forgotten, words lost as Amun enters the cafe. She goes from smiling to concerned in less than a human's heartbeat. Rising to her feet with grace and quickness, she takes in a breath despite the fact she no longer breathes. Wordless, she strides across the floor, a hand going to Amun's cheek, looking into his eyes. "What did they do to you, my love?" <Speaking in Russian>

Gavin steps in and there's flashing lights outside when the doors open with his entrance. He's not here for personal business it appears and then he spares a moment to look around the cafe. When he spies Amun and then Ivanya going towards him he holds his hand out, "Stop." he orders Ivanya and then he shifts his stance and draws back his coat to put his hand on the hilt of his pistol at his waist, "Amun." he looks at the wounded man.

Breena blinks as Ivanya gets up so quickly. Her gaze trailing across the room toward Amun quirking a brow. Every muscles tenses, more so as she sees Gavin. A look of fear flickering through her gaze likely flashbacks from the other night. She looks toward the girl behind the counter, with concern, and then back toward those gathering by the door. Drawing in a slow steadying breath, remaining very still for the moment.

Amun looks for a moment at Ivanya,clearly wishing to say something, but he says nothing. Instead, he turns towards Gavin, holding his arms somewhat to the side and palms towards the police officer. "Detective Howell?" comesthedeep voice.

Ivanya stops, her eyes flicking towards Gavin, his gun. "Gavin," she says softly, clearly knowing this man as well. Her eyes go to Amun once more, and she shakes her head. "Please, Gavin. All I want to do is kiss him. You have my word." Her words ring of truth, as she looks to Amun. She has no idea what's going on, but she knows it can't be good. One kiss, she thinks, is not much to ask. The girl behind the counter stays still, looking towards the phone, before she hears the word 'Detective'.

"Then you can come to the station and do it." he states clearly. He nods as Amun holds his hands out and then he steps out of the stance and he motions, "Come on, Amun. Let's go. It's time to get you to what you need and someone you can talk to." he flickers his eyes to Ivanya and then Breena and then back to the man, "Come on."

Breena draws in a slow breath studying Amun and then Gavin. She watches and listens to the goings on. A slight shiver moving through her chilled with her clothes damp from the walk in the rain. She takes in a sip of her tea. She considers asking a question, possibly getting a clue to what all is going on. Yet she remains quiet leaving the matters to others.

Amun bows his head to the Detective. "The other woman, Detective Howell. She can corroborate my story. Ms Donovan." He casts a look back at Ivanya and moves as directed by the police officer - albeit slow and stiff.

"I don't drive," Ivanya admits softly. "Perhaps, you could allow me to ride with you?," is asked of Gavin, hopeful tone in her voice. "Or Ms. Donovan and I can catch a cab together..." She looks to Amun, that concern for him clear in her eyes. "If you do not mind, Ms. Donovan? We could even get you a to-go cup for the rest of your chai..." An attempt to keep her own nerves from shattering, that.

Gavin nods, "Ms. Donovan you may as well come to the station too." he states and he looks at Breena a moment and then he nods to Ivanya, "Take a cab." he then motions and turns to take Amun out.

Breena tilts her head a bit glancing to Ivanya, before looking toward Gavin, "Ya'll still have my chair down there? I'm going to expect my own tea mug soon." she comments moving to stand as she glances toward the woman behind the counter, "An extra large to go please.." finishing the one in her hand before reaching for her jacket.


Homicide Division: Interrogation Room - Chicago Police Department - Michigan Street: South

      This room is sparsely furnished with a rectangular metal table and a quartet of matching chairs. The walls have been painted a plain, industrial grey. Two, long fluorescent light fixtures are affixed to the tall ceiling and give off a stark, buzzing radiance. A couple of track lights in the ceiling are on a separate circuit, beaming light downward in a tight, direct circle when needed. One door leads to the corridor and another is a locked, storage closet. One wall holds a long, smoky mirror.





Obvious exits:

Out <O>  Locked Closet <LC>

Inside the room are three chairs. It appears Gavin radioed ahead, though Amun knows that. In the lobby there are well armed officers, trained in anti-preter tactics which are explained as "a precaution". Gavin has Amun sit in the center, Ivanya on the end near the wall and Breena on the end near the door.

Amun takes up his seat slowly. He does not flinch at the anti-preter officers outside. Statues could learn something of stoic posture from this vampire - he moves not at all.

Ivanya's legs cross as she sits, hands folding neatly on her lap. She has a measure of stillness to her as well, eyes flickering with unlife. If Amun is a statue, Iva is one of those 'living statues' found in parks some places. Little flickers of movement, only seen to the very observant.

Breena walks into the room, becoming slightly nervous looking about the anti-preter officers. She glances toward Gavin and the others hesitant about walking into the room in the first place. Drawing in a slow breath she slowly enters the room, seeming against her better judgement. Heels clicking on the floor with her slow graceful steps. Take out cup of chai in hand she moves to slip into the chair Gavin has indicated for her to sit in. Her gaze holding a sharpness to it, watchful and observant but remaining otherwise quiet.

"We are going to start with the first situation last night." he states clearly as he turns on a tape recorder and states the date then he looks up, "Amun..I'm explaining to you right now. You are under investigation for forcing your powers upon humans without their permission and are currently wanted for resisting arrest last night." he leans against the wall and crosses his arms together, "Now. You have asked to be heard regarding this and since right now I have an arrest warrant I consider it carried out. I want it stated for the record that you are here of your own accord. Everyone else..please state your full names for the record."

Amun's eyes rise as the charges are laid out for him. But as he has not yet been asked to speak,he does not. He folds his hands into his lap, fingers clasped together, and waits for a few moments longer.

There is a knock on the door, and then it opens. Arne enters with Emma, saying, "Lieutentant, here she is." He motions Emma forward, then steps back out, shutting the door behind him.

Ivanya listens, attentively, as it's all news to her. Blue eyes move to Gavin, and then Amun. As she's asked, the woman speaks up, the Russian accent more pronounced as she gives her name, "Ivanya Anastacia Kozlova."

Breena tilts her head a little glancing toward Gavin as he speaks. Drawing in a slow breath looks toward Ivanya then toward Amun. She's not happy about being here, lifting her cup to take a small sip. Speaking softly she responds, "Breena Donovan."

Emma steps into the room and stays there by the door as her eyes dart over the room. She's stressed out and uncertain, but when her gaze settles on Amun, she relaxes for a few moments.

Gavin nods at Arne then motions for Emma to take a seat next to Amun. "Amun. Tell me what happened last night."

Amun had looked over to see Emma for a moment. He then turns to look only at Gavin as answering. "I went to meet Ms. Donovan at the Wyld Hunt to discuss a donation with her, for her upcoming Charity for attack victims. We finished our introductions when a Therian walked up and fired two shots into my body. As I stood up to defend myself, one attacker become a group. Two shifters - counting the shooter - and a vampire...I made my escape as soon as possible."

Gavin nods, "How do you know they were Therians. What did the second one look like and the vampire." he states.

Emma moves through the room to settle herself beside Amun. She touches him tentatively on the arm and stays quiet so as to not interrupt.

Amun answers, "I have the ability to sense most preters, and know them for fae, therian, or vampire. Most, some can hide it better than I can sense." He goes on to describe Peter and Ember.

Gavin nods, "I remember them both." he states, "When you were attacked, did Officer Glass identify himself."

Amun says, "By your words, I judge Officer Glass to be the shooter? No, he never once identified himself, or said anything. Just walked up and began to fire at me."

Gavin frowns, "So he never identified himself and never attempted to arrest you."

Amun says, "No, Detective."

Gavin looks at Breena, "Can you corroborate this. Did Officer Glass identify himself as a peace officer?"

Breena blinks, "I do not recall hearing it before the gunshots. And due to the closeness of the gunshots I could not hear much of anything for several moments."

Gavin purses his lips and then he nods, "Thank you Ms. Donovan." he remarks and then he looks at Amun, "Amun. When you were wounded. Did you lash out at the bar. There were people inside the bar who were affected in some manner."

Amun nods. "Yes. In attempting to defend myself, I did attack the others. Those not involved may have felt the recoil of such a thing, but were in no danger of actual harm. It was the best I could do, balancing my life and those of the humans."

Gavin nods, "I saw the wounds on Peter and Ember, I assume that Officer Glass was equally wounded. Why were there bar patrons affected. I don't understand."

Amun mms, considering. "It is like directing a wave of force upon an area. With preters, that force pushes in on their power,causing the wounds. With humans, it is just force, felt as some pain, but causing no wound. The patrons were affected by the force that was not dissipated by my attackers."

Emma trails her fingers over Amun's arm, probably more for her benefit than his. But, despite being angry and stressed out, she listens like it's the first time she's heard the recount.

Gavin glances at Ivanya and then he nods to Amun, "Very well. Because you were attacked is why patrons were affected. Do you have control over this or does it just happen."

Ivanya nods smally, as if confirming what Amun says to be true. She seems to be hearing the story for the first time, as well.

Amun waffles a hand back and forth. "I used what control I had. It is not so precise as a bullet, hm? But less dangerous to a human, as well."

"Now tell me about the encounter with the woman known as Mary Jane," Gavin says succinctly.

Amun thinks a moment. "Ah. She gave me a book.... I spoke to her in the coffee shop down at the pier. She taught me the meaning of thisthing you call a spaghetti western."

Gavin nods, "Did you roll her." he states the question.

Amun says, "No."

Gavin opens up his binder and then he pulls out a report and lays it on the table, "Why would she file a report to that effect then." he states, "Did you exert a power upon her?"

Amun looks down at the report. "She was,momentarily, affected by an accidental use of power." And hedescribes his laugh and the affect.

Amun pages: I wanttosay 'look in my eyes and see if I'm lying' but figures that's a nono.

<OOC> Amun says, "Sorry. Control Emotion. Gavin knows the story so I was skipping details."

Gavin nods, "How is it accidental. Give me a better explanation than that."

Amun would take a deep breath if he needed one, but he doesn't. "Think of it as being sick, Detective. You do everything you can to not cough or sneeze, but you go out into public and smell this strong perfume. It makes you cough. Now the people around you flinch away, because you coughed. It was an accident, but you did it and they were affected. A momentary thing that does them no harm, hm? It is the same way. I did all I could to keep my power from my voice, but something slipped through."

Amun says, "I explained this to her. She seemed ok with it, said she would verify my story with a vampire that works at a pharmacy. We spoke a bit longer, I left."

Gavin frowns at this as well, "So she did not express any displeasure towards you, when you made this explanation she understood it. Amun..how often do you avoid going out in public to avoid these sneezes." he glances to Emma and then to the vampire.

Amun says, "I go out only as I must. I cannot live offEmma alone. Or rather, she could not live off of me using her alone. When I go out, much of it is to visit friends," he nods to Ivanya, "or to go to the Church of Eternal Life."

"Ms. Kozlova," he states now turning to Ivanya, "You can confirm that Amun isn't a member of the Master's current court? As well can you confirm what he's saying about his particular flavor of powers, the truth of that."

Ivanya nods smally. "Amun is not one of the Court. He belongs to the Church. And yes, to my understanding, what he says of his power is true. I have a touch of something similar myself, and it works much the same way."

Gavin takes a breath and lets it out slowly. He nods and then he looks at Amun, "How old are you Amun." he asks again a stated question, "For the record."

Amun frowns. A moment, "Will you ask the others to leave the room?"

Amun says, "Ms. Donovan, at least?"

Breena perks at this, all toooooo willing to leave this .... lovely little cage. "Oh..please. Worry not about hurting my feelings. I'll be happy to ahh..step outside, even..home if it would make him feel more comfortable."

Gavin considers and then he nods, "Ms. Donovan, you are free to return home. I'll come by to talk to you personally later. I'm sure I'll have more questions." he looks at her and then he looks at Amun and nods.

Amun waits for Breena to leave. "What I tell you now, I have told no one, Detective. No one." And he frowns harder that he has to.

Gavin leans against the window and crosses his arms as he waits and listens.

Amun gives stern looks to the women. Not threatening. Stern. "I am ***BLEEEP. This has been taken out of the log to prevent IC/OOC Crossover***."

"Amun. You are obviously well aged for a vampire. I would hesitate to say that if we had to do something about you that it would take more than a person of faith and our two SWAT teams. Keep in mind that you carry great power within you and I may be only human but I am not fearless. I have brought a Therian Ulfric to terms for murder on something that was acceptable within their customs. Being restricted to night makes things easier but remember that your powers have an unintended consequence when you invoke them. While you're in my city I ask that you only use them for self-defense. I understand the sneeze analogy but poeple are already scared."

Amun's head bows to the detective.

Emma gives Amun an adoring look when his gaze passes over hers, but she looks toward Gavin when he speaks. A frown pulls at her lips as she listens to him, still touching Amun lightly.

Gavin nods, "Was there anything else you wanted to add to the statements you made here tonite." he says to Amun and then glances to Ivanya giving her an opportunity to as well.

Amun mms. "I would offer to pay for the damages done to the Wyld Hunt."

Ivanya gives a little 'my lips are sealed' gesture to Amun as she gets that stern look. Her eyes stay on Amun for a few moments, then move to Gavin, shaking her head in a silent no.

Gavin nods, "Very well. Amun..tonite you will be a guest of my department. I have to clear the warrant on you and check with the DA to make sure there are no outstanding issues. Sadly you will have to stay in the containment cells but you can be assured your safety is guaranteed there. I will also contact the owner of the Wyld Hunt and he can come down to tell you the amount of damages in the bar."

Amun nods. "If Emma has no objections, may I feed from her here? And does it affect the case at all to know that neither Mr. Glass or Mary Jane are human? And I do wish to file charges against my attackers."

Gavin nods, "She may stay with you tonite yes." he remarks and then he smiles at Emma and then he looks at Amun, "I'll have an officer show you to containment and tomorrow night we can handle the paperwork for those charges. I have some other ends to tie up here." he says and then he walks over and knocks on the door. When it opens up with one of the trained officers he speaks quietly for a moment telling the man what to do with Amun, making it clear Emma can come and go. He turns and motions, "He will escort you when ready."

Emma moves her hand to Amun's, squeezing it very gently. Of course she has no objections.

Gavin watches as Amun is escorted from the room and then he turns to Ivanya, "Ms. Kozlov." he states as he sits down again and he gives her a friendly smile and then he grows serious, "I will need you to take a message to Koray."

Ivanya gets that kiss from Amun she came here for, something brief and more friendly than anything. She looks visably relieved. A little smile is given to Gavin, and she nods. "Of course. I will be sure it reaches his ears."

Gavin nods, "The vampire who attacked Amun in the Wyld Hunt." he states, "I want her name and all the information that is known about her. His cooperation will be looked upon favorably. I want you to deliver the information to me when you have it."

Ivanya nods. "I do not know her, I believe that she is new to the city. But I will ask him for you, and call you when I find anything out." She smiles then, something bright. "You are a fair cop, Dectective Howell. You do not find that, too often, when you are the kind of creatures Amun and I are." She straightens her shirt, looks to the door. "Am I free to go as well?"

Gavin nods softly as he stands up, "Thank you for the compliment. I try to be fair when it's someone's life on the line." he says and then he smiles to Ivanya and he nods, "Yes. You are free to go. I'm sure I'll have more questions that I may ask later so if I stop by please don't be surprised."

Ivanya gives a little bow of her head, smile still on her lips. "I will tell my girls to keep an eye out for you, and to call on me, should you stop by and I am not there. Enjoy the rest of your night, Gavin." And with that, she makes her way out the door

..."Goodnight, Ms. Kozlova." he smiles and turns to sit back down and shut off the tape recorder and pop the tape out for transcribing later.


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