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Love so fierce it burns like baby stars...

Fri Feb 03 2006

Some time, long after midnight, before the pale glow of the morning lights the sky. It's those quiet hours of the night, still and timeless. In Gaz' Victorian house, (which Wes has managed to appropriate), Wes is down the hallway, in the kitchen talking to Gaz. There is a clink of glasses, as well as a metallic click, the sound of some cloth sliding along metal.

"Go back home, Wes," Gaz is saying, "Go back home and leave the girl, for her sake."

"I'm marrying 'er, Gaz," Wes says, as he puts something hard and cold down on the table.

"Are you taking the piss, mate?" Gaz hisses to him, "With your bleedin' history. It's only so long before you get caught, or..." he trails off. "Leave the girl, Wes," he says, and looks at Wesley. "Leave the girl and go home."

Their voices float softly through the corridor.

Perhaps it's the clink of glasses or the metallic click that wakes Lexine up, or maybe just a dream. Either way, she is awake, or atleast partially, in that place that's in between awake and sleeping. She rolls over onto her side, in the bed she's shared with Wes. A hand reaches out to touch him, and closes on thin air. It's then that she really begins to awake, eyes opening as she sits up. The voices stop being distant noises and she listens, pulling her legs to her chest, wrapping her arms around them.

"'ave you e'er, rilly, loved any'un, Gaz?" Wesley asks, the floor creaking as he walks around the table, the quiet slip of metal on metal as he adjusts something. "You 'aven't, that's the difference. That's why you'll ne'er understand why I could ne'er just leave 'er." There is the scrape of a chair as someone, probably Wes, takes a seat.

"Then just go home, Wes," Gaz says, "Leave London and go bleedin' home, take your girl with you." There is an urgency to Gaz' words as he says this, some half-concealed strain. There is a pause, only the clink of ice, the creak of the wood audible.

"I was going to ask you, mate, if you'd be my best man, but..." Wes says, and then opens a cupboard, storing away whatever he had been working on. "Good night, Gaz." He says, his footsteps on the wood quietly thumping as he heads back to the bedroom.

"Wes, you bleedin' idiot," Gaz says, shaking his head.

Lexine pulls her legs closer to her as the conversation between Wes and Gaz continues. One would easily be able to smell the worry, perhaps even fear on her scent, the concern. And so, she does not bother pretending to be asleep. She waits for Wes to return, her eyes looking down at her feet. Hair a mess from sleeping, remains of eyeliner smudged slightly, the fox looks about as askew as she feels. It's not that she didn't think Wes had secrets, it's that she just found out they're something his friend thinks he should abandon her over. For her own sake.

The door to the bedroom creaks open as Wes slides back into the room, immediately picking up Lexine's worry. His own fox is a study of certainty. Wes is clothed only in his pair of boxer-briefs, as he sits on the bed, so he hadn't been out for longer than an hour. He shakes his head, wryly, noting her wakedness. Wes slips his arms around her, half to comfort her, and half for his own comfort, holding her close to his body. He nuzzles her, his head beside hers, above her shoulder. "You 'eard most o' that, I suppose."

Lexine looks up to Wes as he enters, nodding. She's only in a tshirt herself, which is still more than her usual sleepware of nothing at all. Her eyes look over him slowly, glowing amber in the dark of the bedroom. Curling against him, she does everything but crawl into his lap. Sighing, she speaks, "I 'eard enough of it to be a tad bit worried an' a 'ole lot o curious," she admits. She hugs him tightly, and then does scramble into his lap, not bothering with grace in the movement.

"'s nothing to be worried about," Wesley murmurs to her, his arms folded around her waist as she scrambles into his lap. His body heat enfolds her, as he kisses her on the neck. "Just a li'l business a li'l more than 'alf a year back." He says it carelessly, carefully dismissively. "Come on," he says, switching the topic, uncircling his arms. His teeth catch the thin rays of starlight, his smile bright. "I want to show you something."

That scent of worry doesn't leave Lexine at his words like it usually does. She even looks like she might call Wes on it, ask him to tell her what the business is, and why Gaz wanted Wes to leave her, just abandon her. The question is on her lips, ready to be asked. She gets so far as to even open her mouth, and then his smile comes. That disarming smile that melts her everytime. Her mouth closes, and Lex just nods, sliding off of his lap and the bed so he can stand up.

"Get dressed," Wes says with an enigmatic grin, as he snags a shirt and pair of pants from an open luggage container. "Much as I love you the way you are," he says, throwing the shirt around his shoulders. He brushes by Lexine, pausing to kiss her, put his hands around her waist, as he explains: "'s a bi' chilly in central London at the moment."

Lexine returns his kiss, pulling away to find her own suitcase. She looses the tshirt, putting on a bra and a sweater instead, pulling on a pair of jeans. "I'd 'ate to freeze my bits off," she chuckles, shaking away her worry as best she can while sliding on socks and boots. Looking into the mirror, she wipes away the smudged makeup, ruffles her hair so it looks more intentional than bed-head. Going back to his side, she kisses his cheek. "Promise that you'll tell me, one day?," is asked, very softly.

"You look beau'iful," Wes says to the early morning Lex as she dresses. Wes does the same, as well, quickly and efficiently. There was a lingering, oily scent on his hands, on his finger tips, as well as the smell of something subtly acrid. "On'y if you rilly want to know," Wes says, his tone between joking and seriousness. And, he pauses, patting his sides, as if he was searching for something he had forgotten. "Keys!" he says, heading out the bedroom with a quick, jaunty step.

Lexine's nostrils flare at that scent, nose wrinkling abit. Giving a little shake of her head, she looks away from him for a moment, smile on her lips. "Is there any time that I'm not beautiful?," is asked teasingly, as she lets the secrets go for now. She laughs, following him as he leaves the bedroom, closing the door behind her. Grabbing his forearm, she pulls him to her in a dance-like movement, kissing him deeply and passionatly in the hallway. "Whatever it is, I'll ne'er stop loving you." And with that, she lets him go, moving to the door.

"N' there's just ano'er reason why I love you," Wes says breathlessly to himself in bemusement as Lexine lets him go. There was a definite part of him that wanted to catch Lex and drag her back to the bedroom, most of which was between his legs, but, if they didn't leave soon they'd miss whatever it was he wanted to show her. He heads to the kitchen, digging through one of the cupboards. Checking to make sure that Lexine wasn't looking, he takes the keys, and another, larger article, slipping the keys into his pocket, and the other around his ankle.

There's a part of Lexine that wants to be dragged back as well, and unsurprisingly it's also between her legs. But, Wes has something to show her, and she behaves. She waits for him outside, by the car, fading moonlight picking out the colors in her hair, making them look so much different than they just did in the house. Her eyes flash her vixen for a moment as she looks at him, heart swelling with love. "I thought you weren't supposed to drive Gaz's car," she says with a tsk, moving towards the passenger door.

"'m not," Wesley says with a laugh, as he goes around to unlock the doors to the old Volkswagon, opening the door with a half-bow to Lexine. "But 'e won't be able to chase after us withou' it!" he says wickedly, as he looks back down the driveway and winks at the house. He goes around to the other side, and gets in himself, starting up the car. The front door opens, an audible "Oi!" heard.

Lexine laughs warmly as she gets into the car. Her seatbelt is put on, just incase, and she looks out the window to the house as the door is opened and the Oi rings out. Another laugh comes, something terribly impish in the woman that's not often heard. Sticking her tongue out at Gaz, she then turns to her foxly love. "'e doesn't look to 'appy," she chuckles with a wink, leaning over to kiss his cheek.

"Luv'ly!" Wes laughs aloud as Lexine sticks her tongue out at Gaz, and grins as Gaz stands with his arms spread out in a gesture of incredulity.

"William, you wanker!" Gaz says, "You're bleedin' mad!" he says, shaking his head again.

 "Well," Wes says with a mischevious grin, "'e'll 'ave to give the luv'ly cab companies a li'l patronage." He puts his arm on the passenger seat to look behind him, the tires screeching as he pulls out of the driveway.

A shout is heard as they drive away. "Just return the bleedin' thing in one piece!"

"Or mebbe 'e can walk to his destination. It'll do 'im some good, really," Lexine chimes. She settles into the seat, blowing Gaz a kiss goodbye as they leave the driveway. Arms behind her head, she gives a little stretch, watching the streets go by as Wes drives. "I'm glad we came 'ere together," she muses softly. "It was a rather brilliant idea, really. Not that I'm surprised at all."

"Twas on'y a brilliant idea because o' it's brilliant inspiration," Wes says, leaning over to kiss Lexine playfully on the neck. There was very little traffic at that time in the hour before dawn. They are heading back towards the Thames, and the two famous bridges. After about half an hour, Wes pulls up next to...the London Eye. Blue Christmas lights had been strung through the trees, the wheel itself was a reddish ring of light.

Lexine tilts her head, offering her neck as that kiss came. She looks over to him from time to time during their drive, hand occasionally brushing his leg. Nothing too bad, of course, that would distract him from driving. As they pull up to the London Eye, she takes in a little breath, smiling. "'aven't been 'ere since I was a little girl," she whispers, eyes darting over the blue lights, the red of the wheel. Opening her door, she steps out of the car, looking up at it with a spark in her eyes. "Bloody gorgeous."

"Absolu'ly marvellous," Wes says, though he's smiling at Lexine, limned in the blue ad the red. A light mantle of white from a midnight snowfall lay on ground, reflecting patches of extraordinary sapphires, pinks like a blush of a woman's cheek. He offers to take her hand, inclining his head to the wheel. "Come on, let's go up."

Lexine takes it all in, her eyes moving over the snow and the lights, the big Eye. She takes his hand, fingers twining in his. He'll lead, of course, because Lex would follow him into Hell and back if he just held her hand and lead the way. The doubt of earlier is gone, and now there's only love for Wes as they move through the dusting of snow, reach the wheel.

Slipping the attendant a fold of notes, Wes steps onto the platform with Lexine, waiting as one of the bubbles reaches the ground, the pace slow enough to walk into without breaking a step. The inside was spacious, the size of an SUV, seats visible from the clear surface. Neon lights from the trees and from the Eye itself, from the general glow of London itself streaked across the bubble. Wes leads the way, his step neat and quick across and into one of the empty chambers.

Lexine follows suit, stepping into the chamber with Wes. Her hand releases his, only to bring her arms around his waist as she stands there for a moment, pressed to his side. Nuzzling against him lightly, she takes in his scent, not the things from earlier, but his true scent, that of his skin and the dogfox. "Thank you," she says softly, without explaination , just kissing his shoulder lightly, then resting her head there.
"'m the'un that owes you thanks." As the slowly rise into the air, London brightens around them, the soft glow around the globe growing. One arm around her waist, the other at his side, he leans his own head against Lexine's. There, in the slowly revolving Eye of London, high above the ground, it was as if the whole world was dawning around them. He turns to face her, the first gold from daybreak flooding from the horizon, lighting the Thames and the city aflame. "Lex..." he says, as he looks into her eyes, his own blue and fox-bright, his voice and his gaze intense as the rising sun.

Lexine takes in a deep breath as the dawn starts to break, the golden color of the sun taking over the city. She looks uo to him as he moves, her brown eyes bright with so many emotions. Love. Happiness. Awe. They're all there as Lex looks into Wes' eyes, meeting them and the intensity in them. "Wes?" she asks softly as he says her name, her hands moving away from his sides, one instead finding his arm, moving along it lightly.

In the clear chamber above London, before Lexine, Wes' coat brushes the ground as he kneels. He looks up at Lexine, his eyes expressive, intent. A beating of wings as a flock of pigeons flutters by. "Will you - " he says, and he croaks, before clearing his throat, "Will you marry me?" There band of white-gold, set with a strange gem, a fire coloured stone set in black. Lines of what were undoubtably white diamonds ran in spirals down the ring. He holds the ring in his palm that hadn't been there before, his heart swelling, his eyes bright as the ring, as the loop of light that they rode, as the sun that rose over the Thames.

Lexine watches him as he kneels, in slow motion. Or atleast that's how it happens in her mind. Her eyes widen a bit as his words begin, expressive brown eyes looking down into his. She doesn't look away from his eyes, keeping contact in the fear of this all being just a dream. Until the light catches the ring, that is, and her eyes go to it. Her knees grow weak, and for a moment she looks like she might fall, but manages not to. "Oh Wes," she whispers, her eyes moving from him to the ring then back again. Her heart near bursts with love and excitement, and the only sound she can make at first is a joyful laugh. "Yes. Yes. O' course, Wes. God, Yes."

A beatific smile spreads across his lips, across his whole body, an expression of elation that he had never though possible. His laughter joins Lexine's as he takes her hand, his own fingers shaking, and slips the ring on. He stands, then, and then, his arms pulling her tight he kisses her, without regard for the jewelery, an ardent whirlwind of movement. "I ne'er thought a stuttered word could sound as sweet," he breathes against her lips, "Bloody 'ell, do I e'er love you."

Lexine has never smiled so fully, so brightly, in all of her life. She watches him as he slides the ring over her finger, the weight of it something wonderful. She's caught off guard when he pulls her so tight to him, Lex's arms going around his neck. Returning the kiss, there's a love and passion in it even stronger than before, something she didn't think was possible. "I love you too," she whispers against his lips. "So bloody much my 'eart could burst." Her eyes shed tears of happiness, amazement, and she pulls him to her for another, passionate, kiss.

"You are my 'eart, luv," Wes says, as he sinks into the kiss, feeling as if he were drowning in pure joy. His hand slides up hard along her back, his tongue moving between her lips. With that kiss, Wes remembers all the baser reasons why he wanted her as his bride, the lust as well as the love, and he kisses back with a loving ferocity that causes staggers the two of them against the transparent wall.

"An' my soul," she whispered, before that crushing kiss comes. Her fingers move through his hair, holding him to her, making sure the kiss doesn't break. She kisses him with all of her, not leaving out one drop of love or lust, one bit of the desire she's felt for him since the beginning. Pressed against the wall, she moans into the kiss, her hips pressing forward to his. Emotions high as they are, her fox slips free, trying to pull his with it, vixen luring the male.

Wesley's dog fox falls for the vixen, entangling her, engaging her. His skin is hot, flushed with it, with the desire for the woman. He dips into her, his neck curling as he kisses her lips, her jaw, her neck, drawing her, wanting her. His legs are between hers as he presses back against her hips, his own desire for her tangible through the cloth as he rubs against her. The transparent chamber is beginning to sink back towards the ground.

Lexine's neck is laid out in offering as the kisses come there, and her eyes open slightly. It's then that she sees their closness to earth, silently curses. Her leg was mid-rise, about to wrap around him, get him all the closer, before she caught that glimpse of earth. "Wesley," she whispers softly, "We...don't have time." That doesn't mean she stops moving her hips to hers, working against his growing hardness.

"Mmm," Wes murmurs, as his hand slides up under her swearter and across the taut skin of her stomach, tensing there as Lexine moves against him and he groans, a low ripple of sound and desire. His fingers slide down to her buttocks. Drawing his tongue slowly along her neck down to her collarbone, Lexine's words finally strike him and looks up, "Wot?" he asks, his hips rocking hard against hers. He'd completely forgotten they were on the giant ferris wheel.

Lexine moans lowly, eyes closing again as he rocks hips against hers. Her vixen tangles with the dogfox, nipping at his ears, licking at his muzzle. Lex shivers strongly as Wes licks over her neck, head going back against the transparent wall. "Car. Now. Somewhere," she gasps, desire making her entire body warm. "Not 'ere. Almost back on the ground." As if on cue, their capsule finds the earth once more, doors beginning to open.

"Ambassador, we assure you that this is not a regular occurance," A voice is saying as the doors open. There is a small crowd outside the door, including, a somewhat bemused African in a suit, as well as what looked like his body guards. A sharp static comes in on the speaker's radio: "Do we keep it runnin'?"

"Bloody 'ell," Wes says, his fox and mine still occupied with the woman, he makes to kiss her once more, his whole body aching for her, as his hand run alonger her sides, feeling her smooth skin, and the scars of her back. He breathes against her, still pressed against the wall, his body warm and solid.

"Sir, you're going to have to leave the compartment," the speaker says, weakly.

Lexine looks into Wes' eyes, before that next kiss begins. It's a feat of willpower, but she manages to break it as the speaker mentions them leaving. She smiles, and gently guides Wes away from her body, turning so that she can cover the bulge that is surely showing in his pants. "Sorry," she chimes, not meaning it at all, to the speaker, and those outside. "Jus' got engaged," is given as an explanation as she drags Wesley behind her, making quickly for the car.

"t seems like you're always co'ering for me," Wes remarks with a bemused grin, although he was unable to keep the vexation with the poor supervisor who had told them to exit the compartment from the look that he passingly gave him. As they pass the African and his entourage, the 'ambassador' claps a heavy hand on his shoulder.

"Congratulations," he says, as the duo pass. "William." Wes doesn't hear, though, his attention only on his bride-to-be as they head for the car.




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