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Anything For A Friend.

Logfile from Ivanya.

IC Date:
September 2nd, 2006

In the car on the way back from the barn, Erik would have talked if she'd wanted, and not if she'd been silent. Before they got out of the car, he would have said, "Don't forget your dancing shoes, Princess."

Ivanya was silent, for the most part, seeking a reassuring touch every now and again, looking out the window. A kiss stolen from Erik's lips, soft. "For luck," said simply for its reason.

<NIGHT> Floor -5: Office - John Hancock Building - Michigan Street:North

This rectangular office is decorated in an Old World style. The walls are rough white plaster with an espresso glaze. The ceiling is of the same material, and across it run dark cherry wood beams a few inches in diameter. The front half of the floor is set with ochre hexagonal antique terra cotta tiles engraved with a Byzantine pattern. The back half, upon which rests a classic Queen Anne executive desk, is large-plank aged French oak, varnished to a dark glow. in the left back corner is a mahogany curio cabinet filled with various antiques. The back right corner holds large cabinet of the same wood. The Queen Anne desk faces the front of the office and behind it is a matching chair. An area rug of red and gold sits on the terra cotta floor and upon it are arranged an oak coffee tables and trio of oak arm chairs with padded seats and backs. A large ficus sits in the right front corner and an leather overstuffed chair sits in the the front left corner.

Koray waits in his office with Ember and Gretchen. He sits behind his desk, with his temoin and enforcer flanking him. They are, of course awaiting the arrival of Erik in whose custody Ivanya now is. It's clear from Koray's demeanor that he dislikes this whole affair, but politically has little option but to deal with it now. The guards, Donovan and Stevens have instructions to show Erik and Ivanya in and then leave the vampires to their business.

Gretchen stands with her fingers lightly twined before, her shoulders back and her grey hair piled on the top of her head the same as always. Litle changes about the grey lady, except maybe today that she stands behind Koray. Her face is a placid mask, like the calm of a mountain lake in winter. Her grey eyes are distant and any energy is kept close.

Ember is silent behind Koray. Her hands are clasped in front of her, and her attention is on he door and the noises outside of it. Her expression is calm and patient aside from her eyes. Those violet eyes are void of any emotion. She may look like a girl, but she is as cold and still as a wall for now.

A phonecall was made approximately an hour ago to inform the Master that Erik would be arriving with Ivanya. Announcing their arrival, Eric's presence is felt before the man makes his way off the elevator and into the office which seems now too small for the Norseman. His energy is a tangible thing, writhing about his figure like a nest of serpents, held close but not entirely quenched. He walks a few steps behind the slender form of Ivanya, moving as her shadow. As she continues futher into the office, he remains in the background, near the door.

Ivanya keeps her own power close, little sparks like static electricity jumping every now and then. Her face tries for neutrality, lips pressed in something that's expressionless. She does not look back to Erik, her hands folded infront of her. "Master," she greets Koray, before giving a small bow of her head to each of the three. There was no playful flirting with the guards, this night. Silent, until spoken to.

Koray waits impassively until the door is closed and the guards have had plenty of time to retreat up the hallway as instructed. Once that time has passed he regards Ivanya. "How long did you wait before going to him after court and thereby making yourself a traitor to this court?" he asks. He sees little point in setting any stage here, or making any speeches concerning the situation of which everyone here is already well aware.

Gretchen blinks now and then, but mostly she simply stands. There is no offer of her calming essence. No withdrawl, either. She looks between the young vampire and the older one, noticing the differences in heigh, width and color.

If it were not for the warmth of her power, Ember might be nothing more than a shell of a young woman. She does not blink or breathe. Ember waits, silent and ready, always ready to do as she is bidden by the master of the city. There is no life to her, not here. Neither does she have words for any one, nor does she them. This is not her affair. This is her duty.

Erik stands in the backgound, observing. He'll say nothing unless spoken directly to, and therefore, won't pose again for awhile.

Ivanya makes no excuses, nor does she dance around the subject. There is no point to it, when truth and lies can be scented by some. She does not flinch away from Koray's gaze, her own eyes as emotionless as a glacier. Someone's been working on her control once more. "Two nights," she answers simply, the usual accent there, voice loud enough to be heard by all.

Koray arches an eyebrow faintly. "That long? I'm impressed." His power, held closely until now, flows out steadily toward Ivanya. It is ice cold and settles on her heavily; it is almost as if by it alone he could hold her where she stands. "And I assume you know what happens to traitors in most vampire courts, correct?"

Gretchen shifts from one foot to the other. Her gaze is shifting, moving around the room even though her head does not turn. It is as if she is taking a silent survey of the walls, te furniture, the part in Erik's hair and the way Iva has made up her eyes today. Her gaze is a furtive thing, in constant motion.

Ivanya's lips quirk, just a little, not enough to become a smile or a frown. There is a small wince at the feel of Koray's power--she's more powerful than she was when she first returned to the city, but still not enough to shrug off the weight of a master. "Yes, I am aware of the consequences," is replied, voice even.

Koray nods and holds his power over her. He seems to be content to leave the others in silence as he speaks to Ivanya, they will have their roles to play soon enough. "And do you know why I declared him an enemy, the real reason, not what I gave in court last week?" His eyes fix on her, still cold and impassive, but there is a glimmer of curiosity in them now.

Ivanya still holds Koray's gaze, even when she bows her head slightly. "No, Master, I cannot say that I know this reason." Carefully formal, her posture straight, nearly perfectly still if not for the still-human traits of blinking, of a slight shift of the weight between feet every so often.

Koray nods, apparently expecting her answer, but disappointed by it nonetheless. "After the incident at the Wyld Hunt, was it not fairly obvious that was we were after Amun already? And equally clear that he was quite aware of it as well?" He waits to see if she acknowledges these points before continuing. "And given that that there was little point in what I did except to warn all the vampire, but mostly you, to stay away from him. To give /you/ a chance to do the right thing."

Ivanya pauses, leaving a moment of silence in the room. "The incident at the Wyld Hunt was started by the wolf-cop John Glass, and I was unaware that any vampires aside from Ember were involved in it. She was the only one I heard named when the story was told to me." She pauses again, her gaze unwavering, that coolness in their depths. No, he is not going to get a rise out of her, yet, save for those static sparks of energy that are oft unrestrained. "The right thing is a matter of perspective. I would not let a friend, any friend, go without warning that others were after him in a more... official ... way. I only sought to give warning to one I care for." Her words are only truth, honesty.

Koray's eyes harden. "Somehow I am doubting Amun failed to mention my presence there as well, but play was charade you want." As she speaks further he darkens. "If I want your perspective, Ivanya, I will ask for it. Suffice it to say that you are barely past being a fledgling and you still have a fledging's common sense and grasp of our politics. I am inclined to let you live despite all this, but telling me your perspective of which I am quite aware greatly decreases your chances of learning either." His power swirls around her angrily, its cold biting into hers.

Gretchen takes a fraction of a step to the side. Or maybe it is a lean. The coolness of the power is not pleasant, and with so much in the room, it's a job to the more stoic vampires to withstand the lash of cool energy. Gretchen does supress that shiver, and her eyes harden a little, looking between the two with a bit more attention.

Ivanya gasps softy at the swirl of power that comes from Koray, her eyes closing as she steadies herself against it. She bites her tongue on some words, letting them happen internally. A shiver, and she straightens once more, fixes her gaze on Koray. "Amun did not mention your presence there, Master. This is the first that I am hearing of it." No, she's not lying.

Koray shrugs and causes ripples in his power like a glacier calving into the Antarctic sea. "Academic at this point. Your actions, my friend," and there is, curiously, no hint of sarcasm or irony in the phrase 'my friend,' "have left me no choice but to punish you. Before we discuss what is to be done with you, I want to hear what you would do in my position." His power relaxes a bit, the swirling slowing, the cold biting slightly less.

Gretchen remains quiet now, for the duration.

Ember's power is a cloak that wraps Ember in a patient warmth that heats with the swell and swirls of other powers, although her power stays decidedly and impeccably close. It is the only difference from Ember, and it is invisible. She seems to both absorb the scene and not see any of it. Ember is less than decoration, maybe a leaf on a potted tree or a minute speck on the wall.

Energy contained despite the prickling fingertips of other power, Erik is still; his energy restless beneath the flesh and blood that cages it. He might move without warning; a wolf trapped in mortal confines, a spring-loaded hurricane. With hands loosely folded in front of him, he remains silent observer to the proceedings.

Ivanya again seemingly bites her tongue, as if she has more to say. But she does not, not currently. There is a flash in her eyes, a darkening, small but there. She adjusts the position of her hands slightly, a small movement of her fingers. Clearly, she did not expect to go unpunished, but the woman has confessed before that she is a fiercely loyal creature to those who she deems worthy. "I am unsure," she replies softly. "I have heard that a cross-wrapped box is not uncommon. But truth be told, I have never learnt any other matter of punishment...aside from karaoke." There, a flick of a smirk.

Gretchen 's eyes turn at that smirk, the joke, and settle upon the young vampire standing here in this room to be judged. Her silvery eyes turn hard, and she glances once at Koray from the corner, before the weight of her gaze settles on the mountain of man behind Ivanya. That gaze is heavy, intense.

Koray's eyes flick to hers at the flash, but he chooses to ignore it. He nods as she answers his question, allowing one eyebrow to lift slightly at the mention of Rene's peculiar punishment of a year ago almost now. It is not raised in humor though. "Do not think to compare what he did to what you have done," he says with danger in his voice. "Rest assured you will be boxed, but I do not think boxing is enough in this case." He looks at her frankly. "You need to learn something here too. No to mention the length of time you would be boxed for what you have done might leave you nothing but a revenant, in which case I might as well just kill you now. So the box yes, and a piece of you, and after that you will be given time to recover and learn."

Ivanya would state that she did not seek to compare, or offer that as a punishment, but she does not think her words would hold anything that would change her sentence. She does not answer with words, only a silent nod of her head. No rebellion here, this night. It's a punishment for helping a friend, and she will take it. "I only ask that someone watch after Aleksei during my time," she says softly. "So he does not fall to the darkness of this city while I cannot protect him." Barely a whisper, that voice.

Koray watches Ivanya as she speaks, and buryies his hatred of having to do this to her. He has little choice but to use that hatred of the act to fuel his resolve to do it. He withdraws his power slowly, pooling it around himself as she speaks. He nods at her request. "He will be taken care of." He looks to Gretchen, "When we're done here, figure out under whom we can place her therian brother for protection." He turns back to Ivanya, eyes impassive now, and speaks again. "Before your punishment begins you will compose a note explaining that you will be gone for some period of time but none should worry about your absence. The business is personal, private." Eyes harden again. "I know you are close to Orson, and I know he traffics with dark gods. Understand that if he or anyone else makes an attempt to interfere with your punishment or seek retribution for it, they and you will die. So I encourage you strongly to make sure we know just who to send your note to."

Ivanya seems a little surprised of the knowledge Koray has of Orson, a thin brow arching slightly. There is a minute amount of relief at the news of her brother, perhaps her greatest concern in all of this. Boxing, going insane, having a piece of her taken she can work through, eventually. Her brother in danger? No. "I will write this letter," she says simply, a small nod of her head given.

Gretchen makes a breif nod to Koray. "Yes, sir," she murmurs softly and with it is the breath of safe harbor, that cool earth and water, but only the slightest hint of safety in her eyes. Quickly, her gaze returns to shallow shoals and rocky coasts. The grey woman steps forward and slides some parchment and a nice pen across the table. "Perhaps Erik and Ember can get the other equipment?" she suggests.

"And I might add that your continued associate with one such as him is another source of disappointment," Koray says levelly. "Your sense in chosing companions needs some work, Ivanya. You endanger yourself and us with these choices." He glances over as Gretchen slides the parchment and pen to Ivanya then nods his temoin. "Yes, good idea." He looks at Ember and then Erik. "You'll find them in the next office over."

With a slight nod of acknowledgement, Erik turns from the conversation, opening the door to the office. He holds it open for Ember to step out. Once she's through the door, he exits as well, closing it behind them. With her, he goes next door to retrieve the requested items.

Ember blinks as her name is spoken, and she turns her attention to the grey lady and Koray. The mask is perfect and motionless. She tilts her head respectfully then moves around the desk, past Ivanya and Erik as he holds the door open for her. She acknowledges him with a flick of violet eyes as she steps into the room beyond then moves to the other office as directed.

Ivanya's eyes flash once more. She takes the pen and parchment, starting to write her letter, the cursive elegant as always. "I simply have taken those that love has given me, Master. Orson may deal with demons, but they have their own system of honor. I do not mean this as back talk, only information given." Her voice is soft, careful. "You have met the man. He has a loyal heart." She's already going in a box, might as well continue to speak for those she loves. The letter is simple, short, signed simply, 'Ivanya'. "Rene, Orson, Sly, Anton, Aleksei, Rae and Judy, perhaps even Gene," she offers as a list of names.

Koray watches Ivanya write the note in silence for a few moments. Once Erik and Ember are out in the hallway, he sighs and speaks. "I do not like having to do this, Ivanya. I have always considered you a friend, even as choices you have made have strained that nearly to the breaking point." His voice is low now, sad. "Both you and Amun have backed me into a corner, and I had little choice but to act or risk more than what we are already risking." Friendships and only their few lives. "I think I am more angry with you for that than anything else." He takes the letter when she has finished it and nods at the list of names.

Ivanya looks up to Koray, shaking her head slightly. "I only did for Amun what I would have done for you, for Rene, for Cordelia. I offered an escape before the wolves were let loose, officially. If I am to be punished for that, so be it." She is silent after that, her eyes moving to the door, awaiting the box.

Gretchen retreives the letter once written and nods. "I will make sure these get to where they belong," she lets her eyes stay on Koray a moment longer, her lips pressing tight, before sliding away. Her energy trembles in a flickering wave before she stands in her usual spot, the letter the only addition to her former Victorian stance.

A few moments later, not long after Ivanya has finished writing her letter, the door opens once again; Erik and Ember are back. Between the two of them they are carrying a heavy adult-sized coffin, and several other items currently carried in pockets. The coffin, burnished copper in color and lacking any unnecessary adornment, is set in the corner of the room, with Erik handling the top, the shorter woman the bottom. Neither lack for strength in the task. As for the other items, they're revealed to be a pair of polished silver shears, a slim dagger-like letter opener with an ornate handle, and what appears to be a miniature icecream scoop. Once the items are delivered, Erik returns to his previous position, once again shutting the door to the office.

Ember works quietly with Erik. When all is done here, the tools are placed on Koray's desk, but Ember does not return to stand behind Koray. Instead, she stands out of the way beside the desk. That stillness sweeps over her, and she waits patiently.

Koray nods silently at Ivanya's words. There's little to be added at this point; the roles and positions are fixed, their actions predetermined now. He looks at Gretchen as he feels the flicker in her energy, but seems uncertain as to its meaning. He smooths his face into an impassive mask and looks to the door as Erik and Ember return. He stands and takes the shears and the scoop, then turns to Ivanya. "We are taking your hair and an eye." He hands the shears to Ember with a nod. The scoop he keeps for himself. "I will take the eye once Ember has shorn your hair."

Ivanya nods silently, a slow blink of those blue eyes given. Her eyes settle on Erik, a smile forced as he moves within her field of vision. She stands there, a quiet rage building at the loss of an eye. But she says nothing, the movement of lips and other such things not wasted.

Ember takes the shears from Koray and nods obediently. Her fingers are laced through the openings, and she approaches Ivanya with a blank look in her violet eyes, on her young and lovely face. She recognizes that Ivanya may fight back as she walks around the red-head. She reaches for that long red hair that falls to Ivanya's mid-back. Her left hand touches one side of that curtain, the tip of the shears to the other side, and with a steady hand, she gathers Ivanya's glorious hair in a tight hand. The shears come to the base of Ivanya's neck. They are perfectly sharp, and the rich mane is gone in two snips. The remainder of Ivanya's hair falls free to a chin length bob, shorter in the back, longer in the front.

Koray watches silently, his mask still in place, as Ember cuts Ivanya's hair. As the cut hair falls away and the remaining settles around Ivanya's head, he steps in front of her. "Look at me, Ivanya." His mind pushes against hers, seeking to roll hers, if there is resistence he will push harder, but he seeks her cooperation first.

Remaining expressionless, Erik says nothing to the verdict or it being carried out. The Norseman shares no public opinion. He catches Ivanya's gaze, expression stone-faced, but unwavering as Ember takes the shears to the woman's fiery mane. All that is done will be watched.

Ember steps back. Her hands are at her sides. Most of the hair is still in her hand, although some of it fell free to the floor, and now Ivanya stands amongst the fallen tendrils. She watches this scene with a practiced gaze, no judgement, no emotion.

Ivanya does not fight back, nor does her power and emotion get anything beyond that soft rage. Her eyes, though, are blue fires as she looks to Koray as he tells her to. She takes it all with grace, her lips pressed firmly together. She lets Koray have her mind, not fighting as she knows there is no hope in it. Not exactly going gently into that coffin, but not kicking and screaming.

Gretchen makes a small sound and her energy washes out. Warm and snuggly, she is a blanket on a cool winter day, a breath of hope that everything will be okay, eventually.. at least that would be the feeling to those receptive. Her fingers close around the letter, her precious cargo for the moment.

(FTB here. Ivanya's left eye is removed and she's placed in the coffin, Koray's hold on her mind let go)



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